Who Are The Paulists?

CSP LogoThe Paulist Fathers were the first religious community of priests created in North America. Its mission is to evangelize the people of North America in a manner particularly suited to the continent’s culture. In addition to evangelization, the Paulists have taken on ministries of ecumenism, interfaith relations, and reconciliation. The Paulists seek to be a bridge between contemporary culture and Catholicism, using media to accomplish this end, beginning in print with the founding of Catholic World magazine in 1865 and continuing with the Paulist Press and its ministries in radio, film, and on the Internet.

Because the Paulist Fathers’ primary mission has been the conversion of the American people and society, almost all of its foundations (as Paulist centers of ministry are called) and priests are located in the USA. There are Paulist Foundations in 13 U.S. states; there are also foundations in Toronto and Rome.

–Wikipedia article on the Paulist Fathers

The Paulist Fathers Website


Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Ministry


Paulist Press: 1-800-218-1903


Paulist Productions


Paulist Reconciliation Ministry: Landings


Paulist Vocation Office: 1-800-235-3456


Paulist Young Adult Ministries


Fr. James DiLuzio’s home Parish / Paulist Fathers First Foundation

St. Paul the Apostle, 59th ST. NYC, NY


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