Now LukeLive! Ministry for Download

And now, for the first time: THE GOSPEL OF LUKE IN WORD AND SONG  – Highlights of my LUKE LIVE!  ministry – is available for Download.  Go to  For just $14.99 you’ll get over an hour of scripture, commentary, sacred and secular song meditations with questions and tools designed to facilitate discussion on spirituality, faith and values with friends and family from every faith and denomination.  Learn how to share what we have in common and let yourselves inspire one another!    Your download will also support my ongoing, larger project to record more of Luke’s Gospel with this emphasis.  Are you on a tight budget?  My program is also available on ITunes and Amazon and many other venues for $9.99.  To order a CD, go to:

James DiLuzio

About James DiLuzio

Father James DiLuzio is a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Paulist Fathers, the first order of Catholic priests founded in the USA. An emphasis of the Paulist mission is to "Give the Word a Voice in the 21st century, " i.e., to keep the sacred scriptures in dialogue with the diverse panorama of American culture. Father DiLuzio’s missions and retreats provide tools for faith communities to relate biblical dynamics to their own lives. His work fosters collaboration among parish staffs and parishioners to intrigue non-observant relatives, friends and co-workers to the many advantages of conversing with our biblical heritage and becoming part of a local parish. All tools are multi-faith sensitive and respectful of participants' thoughts and feelings.