Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania

Retreat for Deacons and Deacons’ Wives

Autumn 2014

“By far, the best spiritual retreat we have had. Speaker was dynamic, down to earth, sensitive, and most of all real! He said a lot and it will no doubt help me in my ministry. I will never look at ‘condensed soup’ in the same way. (Fr. James describes the Scriptures as ‘condensed soup,’ requiring the water of our lives, Church Tradition, preaching and our ongoing conversation fulfill its purpose as a ‘Living Word.’) You could feel the power of the Holy Spirit with us and around us all weekend!”

“Wow! Fr. DiLuzio was fantastic. What a ‘breath of fresh air!’ I learned a lot and he inspired me to learn more about the scriptures, etc. Thank you, Father!”

“Speaker is unforgettable!”

“Great time. Speaker was excellent!”

“Father DiLuzio was exceptional and a priest who is a true artist in so many ways. He inspired me to see and experience scripture in a new dimension. He made Luke come alive in a way that I felt I was present in each scene. He is genuine. He evidently enjoys being around his flock and those he serves.”

“Father DiLuzio’s style of retreat is very refreshing. He puts his heart into his ‘story-telling’ of the Gospel and the emotions he puts into his singing compels us to recognize and attend to our own emotions.”

“I loved hearing his deep, thoughtful and remarkable answers to the questions we posed. I appreciated them all the more because he had no foreknowledge of what we would ask! One could tell by his storytelling, singing and discussions that he was in love with the scriptures and how much he enjoyed rolling out all the meanings and implications found ‘in-between the lines’ of the texts. It was a good retreat.”

“A truly unique and thought-provoking retreat. Fr. DiLuzio has certainly been blessed by the Spirit and his willingness to share his gifts is indeed a blessing for us.”

“Father Jim was spectacular in bringing the gospel to life – a repeat and continuation of Luke’s Gospel would be most welcome!”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this retreat. Father James opened my heart to the concept of introspection in a way that I hadn’t tried before. The ‘acting’ and singing brought home a reality of the Gospel that was interesting and refreshing. (I benefited from his insistence that) my own baptism continues to minister to me, how important it is to get comfortable with my feeling responses to Scripture and how these can be ‘tools’ in my ministry. Great! I’d like to see Fr. James’ Lenten presentations also.”

“This retreat was very healing and refreshing for me. . . . Fr. Jim was fabulous – it was like watching a one-person Broadway play. A very effective way of teaching!”

“Fr. DiLuzio is engaging and challenging speaker. Entertaining, too. What a clever  approach to opening up the Gospel of Luke!”

“Awesome! This is the first word that comes to mind for this retreat. I came to the retreat feeling somewhat spiritually stagnant bur left refreshed and enthusiastic about my calling – my ‘being chosen.’ I just pray that I can take this excitement to convince others that they ‘are chosen,’ too.”

“Presenter Fr. Jim – Excellent! His presentation was like watching a Broadway play. I don’t know how the committee found him (answer: my website!) but this will be a tough act to follow!”

“The Presenter (Fr. DiLuzio) was excellent! Really enjoyed his presentations and his insight into the scriptures. Loved the Music.”

“The Retreat Master was lively and gave the Gospel of Luke a much fuller, deeper understanding.”

“The retreat was so refreshing and enlightening for us. Thank you for your entertaining approach. God bless you in your ministry!”

“God is good all the time! Truly a joyous, song0filled, informative weekend. Much healing received throughout the weekend Music is the universal language. We need to do more of this type of teaching and fellowship.”

“Of all the retreats I’ve been on this was the best. Very dynamic and spiritual.”

“This was an excellent retreat. I thoroughly enjoyed Fr. James. He added a dimension to our ministry that was never explored before.”

“This has been one of the very best retreats that I have ever had the opportunity to attend. Father DiLuzio is an excellent retreat director. His ability to tell the story of Luke’s Gospel using music, humor, personal reflections, etc. is phenomenal. . . I can’t stress enough how much it meant to me to have music (Christian/Contemporary/ Secular) infused into the retreat. Music is such an important venue/tool for coming to know God more fully. My wife and I say ‘Thank you!'”

“Father DiLuzio is a talented and gifted presenter who opened the Scriptures to our feelings. I do not believe I had experienced such an exercise before. His analysis that the Bible is a story of God inviting humanity out of ‘tribalism’ into ‘universal brotherhood / sisterhood’ is interesting and makes great sense. New tools! New Approach! New satisfactions in being able to better open the WORD!”

St. Thomas Aquinas

Logan, Utah

2002 Premier Mission

“I felt the Holy Spirit — the mission was in good hands! … It was interesting to watch the people listen maybe for the first time to the Gospel, God’s Word. I thank you for taking the risk to be vulnerable for the Holy Spirit to work within you. Thank you for your presence and the sharing of your God-given talents and gifts to our community.”

–Fr. Clarence J Sandoval, Pastor

Fr. James Diluzio

Fr. James Diluzio

“Fr. James is as dynamic and engaging a missionary as could be. His smile and singing voice made this learning all the more delightful.”

–Kim Dzatko

“The Luke Live mission was a true encounter with Christ. The Holy spirit was so wonderfully present. It was difficult not to be filled with Joy!”

–Margaret Stepan, Pastoral Council and Liturgy Coordinator

“This was a wonderful experience. A new and exciting way of hearing the book of Luke. You have a wonderful voice and way of capturing the audience.”

–Quinn Roosendaal

“Brought the message of Luke to life in a different way with a very human element that one might not get from just reading the scriptures.”

–Ed Lambert

“Father James’ presentation made my rlationship with God more appealing, easy and ‘Do’-able. being human isn’t so bad after all!”

–Mary Bissonette

“Your mission here at St. Thomas in Log really was the most reliable series of thoughtful, coherent and sensible ideas (on the bible) that I have heard in 62 years! You provided something that is rare and unusual. Those Four Stages of Faith Development in the Bible are so empowering because now we are able to read and understand [the scriptures] more readily using the framework You provided.”

— John Bissonette, Utah State University professor

“I experienced the Gospel of Luke in all new ways, bits and pieces heard in an entirely different way. Certainly there was a sense of ‘the present’ and I felt at times it was even all new, as it related to ‘now’. A very large part of the experience was the genuineness of the presenter, the love he put into the performance, the love and holiness that comes from his heart. I loved the singing as it unified the participants.”

–St. Thomas Aquinas parishioner-at-large

The Church of the Good Shepherd

New York, New York

November 2003

“I saw parallels of different periods in my own life–times of darkness, fears, joy, victory!”

–Joan Baltas

“I  heard certain words differently because of  Fr. DiLuzio’s proclamation.”

–Janet Kraus

“Your performance was inspired and inspiring.  The interspersing of music within the text was perfect.  Everyone should hear and see this!”

–Catherine B. Wilder

“Very interesting and most uplifting.  We would like to see more of this. Yourenergy is very impressive.”

–Mary and Maurice Egan

“Luke’s Gospel became alive tonight! I look forward to going home and reading this Gospel.”

–Mary T. Burke

“Thoughtfully modern”

–Thomas Stoelker

“Excellent! Gave me a lot to think about!”

–Kathy Walsh

“In his powerful recitation of the Gospel of Luke, Fr. DiLuzio brings alive all of the dramatic power and soaring promise of the original Gospel preaching. His rendition reveals the hidden urgency in Luke’s message of salvation that can still sound fresh to a modern audience. In between acts, Fr. DiLuzio engages the audience creatively with a lot of learning about the background and purpose of the Gospel texts and how we can read them meaningfully today..”

–Rev. Lawrence Boadt C.S.P.

Emeritus Professor of Scripture, Washington Theological Union President, Paulist Press

St. Paul the Apostle Parish

New York, New York

“The result was a spellbinding evening where parishioners were mesmerized by Jim’s oral presentation of the Advent Christmas narratives of Luke’s Gospel from Memory. It was at once storytelling that was known by everyone yet nuanced by Jim’s personalized inflections and ability to transport the audience back in time as if one was re-living the narrative in real-time. No elaborate sets or props, it was the actual storytelling that kept people’s attention and it was Jim’s style of interactive dealing with the public that made the night one of learning and deep reflection.”

–Rev. Marcos Zamora C.S.P.

Pastor Church of the Good Shepherd New York, New York

“A very moving and human account of the Gospel of Luke. I found myself totally involved in the narration..”

–Dawinica Conyette

“Inspiring! The words proclaimed leap off the page, and new meaning and understanding took hold of my heart. ”

–Grant Stuart

“Very powerful–a whole new and very personal experience of scripture.”

–Jean Wysocki

“A wonderful dramatic presentation. Great for all ages. Fr. Jim makes the scriptures come alive in new and diverse ways that will touch both your mind and your soul.”

Michael Hayes,

Editor, Busted Halo (Catholic Young Adult Website)


“Everyone should have an opportunity to experience Luke Live Fr. James DiLuzio brings Luke’s words to life!”

–Mary Heveran

Music Educator, Bede School

Englewood, New Jersey

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

Palm Coast, Florida

Lent 2003

“Thank you ! You are a 21st Century Fulton Sheen! You bring Scripture alive. This is more than a retreat–it is a renewal!”

–Elizabeth & Joseph Gaus

“Thank you for coming to our parish. Thank God for giving us you! You inspired and lifted our faith stronger and on fire! . . . Luke’s Gospel really came to life!”

–Salud Gaoat

“We have been very touched by your presentation of Luke Live. You are God’s “Secret Weapon” and we want you to spread His word everywhere! Please let the Paulist Community let you share your very special gifts with as many people as possible. We need you!”

–Tom and Mary Ann O’Dea

“Thank you for a wonderful Mission. Please continue the work you are doing. You have inspired me to do more Bible Study and to be able to let it part of my living my faith.”

–Eugene Tristan and Family

“It was such a pleasure to see and hear your Luke Live. You are absolutely awesome in your performance and singing. I just wish you could do it all year! . . . You certainly are taking God’s Word to a different level and making it so easy to follow!”

–Ms. Rosalie DeRosa

“Thank you for all your joy, energy and enthusiasm. I wish I had your memory!”

–Florence O’Donnell

“A refreshing learning experience. It is a joy seeing and hearing you perform to glorify God.”

–Anne Fannon

Saint James Parish

McMinnville, OR

Lent 2003

“Your presentation of Luke’s Gospel is unusual, interesting and inspirational. I wish more young people could see it. Have you tried college campuses?”

–Betty Quinn

“A new and exciting Faith experience.”

–Roger Olsed

“Fr. DiLuzio is terrific! The way he brings the Gospel to life is wonderful. Such a talent! He’s excellent. I love the ‘story telling’ framework and his voice is beautiful!”


“You touched my Spirit!”

–C. Francis

“I loved the presentation. It inspires me to go and read the Gospel of Luke from start to finish. The singing is a wonderful part as well. And above all, it makes me think about the life and works of God and how they relate to today’s times!”

–Kevin Fanning

“I will always be grateful for the joy and openness you shared with us. Thanks for coming across the country to share The Good News!!”

–Barbara Martin

“Thank you for all the blessings you gave us these days. I have a better understanding of the Gospel of Luke. … I really enjoy the spirit with which you share the Gospel. I really felt that I was there when Luke was teaching the people. May God Bless you through your journey!”

–Martha Martinez

“I want to thank you for your insight into Scripture. It is so refreshing to feel a part of the Word and to feel I understand it!”

–Dawn Stadeli

Old Saint Mary’s Parish

Chicago, Illinois

Lent 2003

“Your presentation has truly acquainted me with everyone in Luke’s Gospel, especially Jesus. My heart and mind were touched. I was uplifted by the words.”

–Mary J. Oleszkiewicz

“Thank you for proclaiming the Gospel. Thank you for sharing the Good News of mercy, forgiveness, promise and Joy!”

–Christopher Luther

“…So inspiring and easy to understand! Gospels we always hear but somehow take for granted. You are most talented and truly inspiring. Keep up God’s work and Word. God Bless!”

–Rosalie De Rosa

“I really enjoyed it. I have never seen anything like this. I teach CCD and this would be a great experience for the older kids.”

–Maria E. Carreron

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