Additional Offerings/Topics

In addition to the Luke Live! mission, Fr. James offers a number of other engaging and uplifting missions and retreats.

Resurrection Faith-Why It Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives

Father James explores the many facets of death and resurrection from Creation and Evolution, Human Life and Destiny and the glorious and specific details of each Gospel’s Resurrection accounts.   He will also highlight the many Hebrew Scripture prophecies and allusions to eternal life comprising the beliefs of Pharisaic Judaism of Jesus’ time and the ways the New Testament Letters and the Book of Revelation affirm this foundational truth of Christianity.  Resurrection Faith includes PowerPoint projection of classic and modern art depictions of biblical events, plus Fr. DiLuzio’s song meditations (pianist required) and recitations / performances that have made his Luke Live! missions popular with congregations throughout the USA.   (PowerPoint and Song meditations Optional)  For costs, the ‘Costs‘ page.

Saint Paul: His Story

Father James will address the following questions:

  • Who is the person behind the letter to the Biblical communities of Thessaloniki, Philippi and Corinth?
  • What was the man like who addressed letters to Philemon, Titus and Timothy?
  • Why do Christians still read his writings 2,000 years after they were written?

The Letters of St. Paul reveal a man wrestling with spiritual and secular issues, conflicts of faith, morals and religious organization as well as his own personal dilemmas. Saint Paul: His Story will offer insights into contemporary faith challenges while inspiring participants to attain the same faith, hope and love Saint Paul embodied.

All Christian denominations share the Letters of Saint Paul as sacred texts of scripture. Saint Paul: His Story will be presented through dramatic readings, songs and meditations.  For costs, the ‘Costs‘ page.

The Protoevangelium of James

Second Century writing that offers a Greco-Roman interpretation of the life of Mary, mother of Jesus, beginning with the only source of the tradition of Mary’s parents, Joachim and Anne. Presented in the style of Luke Live! In two evenings with the balance of the second and third evenings covering Luke Chapter One and part of Two. Offered Year-Round

Making Holy Choices

How do we know God’s Will for us? Fr. James DiLuzio will help you prayerfully discern the will of God with tools gleaned from the example of Jesus’ own discernment throughout the Gospel of Luke. He also will site examples from Church traditions such as Jesuit Founder Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s Daily Examen, variations on Lectio-Divina and the Paulist Fathers’ celebration of the Holy Spirit at work in each and every individual. All tools will empower you to “Let Your Life Speak”– allowing your life experiences to be in dialogue with Scripture and with people of faith, in personal and communal prayer.  For costs, the ‘Costs‘ page.

Saints Alive!

Meditations, commentary, songs and discussion on the lives of the Saints.  Professional Pianist is required as accompanist. Choose from among any of the following 1 ½ hour sessions:

  • Prophets: Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah
  • Apostles: Peter, James, John
  • Mary and Ann and Joachim: A proclamation of the first half of the Protoevangelium of James; includes a discussion of the non-canonical text tradition.
  • Paul the Apostle
  • Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross (includes his Poetry), Térèse (Little Flower) and Bernadette Soubirous
  • Paulist patrons St. Philip Neri, Saint Patrick and Mary Magdalene.
  • Isaac Hecker at the Lyceum

    (The founder of the Paulist Fathers confronts Catholic Christianity’s challenges in the 19TH Century and offers insights for our 21st century as well.)

    This program was developed to commemorate the Paulist Fathers 150th Anniversary Celebrations including the Hecker Walk events in New York City June & September 2007 & throughout 2008.

To be Added on Request (Advance Preparation Time Needed)

  • African Saints Part 1 Augustine, Monica, Martin de Porres, Benedict the Black, Cyprian, The Martyrs of Uganda ,
  • American Saints: Isaac Jogues and American Martyrs, Kateri Tekakwitha, Elizabeth Anne Seton, Florence Cabrini
  • African Saints Part 2:  Josephine Bakhita from the Sudan who was enslaved but became a Canossian Sister of Charity. Sts. Timothy and Maura from Egypt , the newlyweds who were tortured for failing to turn over sacred texts to government officials. Blessed Marie Clementine Anuarite from the Belgian Congo where she entered religious life and was martyred in 1964 while protecting her virginity.
  • Latin American Saints:  Our Lady of Guadalupe, Juan Diego and some contemporary Latin American heroes such as Oscar Romero
  • Contemporary Religious Figures: Dorothy Day, Thea Bowman, Mother Theresa. May also include the Isaac Hecker session

All of the above include Scripture proclamation and/or writings by or about the Saints and preaching, meditations, secular songs and hymns that tie in thematically with aspects of the texts. Professional Pianist required!  For costs, the ‘Costs‘ page.

Making Holidays Holy – Preparing for Thanksgiving, Advent & Christmas

Father James invites participants to recall significant memories of the best and worst holiday experiences, allowing the Spirit to transform both into a realistic NOW.  Offered as a full 3 day parish mission (3 sessions in 3 consecutive mornings and evenings) OR, For parishes in the NYC tristate area, condensed into a 1 Day Saturday Retreat or ONE-Night Only Retreat, Making Holidays Holy will include references to Luke’s and Matthew’s Infancy Narratives; Tools and Rituals for Enhancing Holiday Meals, and Optional break-out sessions for small groups.  Power Point and Song Meditations (pianist needed) are optional.  For costs, the ‘Costs‘ page.

Evening of Christmas Carol Sing-A-Longs with stories on “How the carols came to be written”

Designed as a One-Night Event for parishes in the NYC tristate area.  Pianist required.  Parish Choir Participation encouraged and welcomed.  Suggestion stipend for PAULIST FATHERS for this one-time event: $500.

Concert: Spirituality in Secular Songs and More!

Everyone has a SOUNDTRACK– the songs we embrace, take to heart; songs that grace our life’s joys and sorrows. Music in general, and particularly Songs-with-Lyrics help us name our feelings, clarify our thoughts and infuse our memories from childhood to the great, eternal NOW! Truly, Music is part of our Spirituality as it affirms God’s care for our innermost thoughts and feelings. I believe our Soundtrack is as important to our self development as our prayer life, our conversation with Scripture and engagement with the Sacraments. Drawn to the power of music and story since childhood, I am eager to share some of the songs of my life with you as together we explore the Spiritual and the Sacred in Secular Music as well as in some Hymns. As Catholic priest, singer and actor who has proclaimed Luke’s Gospel in word and song for ten years throughout the USA (34 states!) and in Toronto, Canada, my program will include songs from a variety of 60’s through contemporary Folk , Pop, Theatre, Film and Classical Traditions. I look forward to sharing some of my art with you to help affirm the Spirit in You and foster gratitude for the Songs in Your Life. GREAT as a FUND-Raising Event for your Church or Organization!  For costs, the ‘Costs‘ page.

These presentations are suitable for ages 13 and older.

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