Optional Workshops for a Fourth Night

Option 1:  The Four Scriptural Stages of Faith Development.  Just like the people in Luke’s Gospel, we all find ourselves in different stages of our faith journey at different times and in different circumstances.  Developed by Franciscan Father Richard Rohr “The 4 Stages Tool” offers invaluable insight on how to read the Bible.  This tool fosters self-knowledge and promotes evangelization:  knowing where WE are in OUR OWN faith development, we may more readily discern where OTHERS ARE on THEIR faith journeys. With this knowledge we are empowered to choose concepts and vocabulary of a particular stage where we may find “common ground” to share our faith and discuss the scriptures with Christians and non-Christians alike.

Option 2:  How the Scriptures Came to be Written  A lively presentation on sources and history followed by small group exercises on ways the scriptural process is operative in our lives through the workings of the Holy Spirit.  This evening may also include an optional segment on Bible Memorization as Prayer—a practicum with opportunity to choose, discuss, personalize, and memorize a particular biblical passage.

Option 3:  Music in the Bible & Spirituality in Secular Songs  A review of scriptural texts that cite music followed by an informal concert and discussion with assembly participation featuring songs by Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Stephen Sondheim, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins and others.

Option 4:  Tools for Evangelization  Explore components of Evangelization as presented in Disciples in Mission and from my experience offering Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Office Missions.

Option 5:  A parish reconciliation service may serve as the fourth or even as a fifth evening, if desired.  Additional confessors needed.

Option 6: The Protoevangelium of James This is the 2nd century document that is the Church’s only source for Saint Anne and Joachim and Mary’s childhood. I proclaim the first half of the document (chapters 1 to 10) in the same way I proclaim Luke Live interspersed with music and meditations. Accompanist needed. Note: Although this work is non-canonical, it is filled with biblical themes and is the only non-canonical work reverenced by the Church. I developed the Protoevangelium program at the request of 2 Saint Anne parishes in NJ  who wanted “something different” for their annual St. Anne Triduum’s in July.

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